Terms and Conditions

American Manufacturing

Purchasing Terms and Conditions

  1. Supplier must have a Quality Management System implemented
  2. Supplier must notify American Manufacturing in the event of nonconforming product, processes or services to obtain approval for disposition.
  3. Changes within the Supplier’s organization that may affect product quality, delivery, financials, or other risks to American Manufacturing shall be communicated in advance.
  4. Certification(s) of Compliance shall state the requirements to be met under the terms of the Purchase Order. Supplier shall ensure material or process name and description, specification number and revision, special instructions, and any applicable reports (i.e. mill test reports with lot trace-ability data, first article inspections, etc.) are legible and verified.
  5. Suppliers shall provide access to their premises and facilities for American Manufacturing, our customers and regulatory authorities for cooperation on product, process and business issues. This shall include review of documentation (i.e. FMEA, control plan, routers, instructions, records, etc.), methodologies and systems used in the provision of services.
  6. Monitoring, verification, and control of counterfeit parts are all required of Supplier.
  7. Quality Records resulting from the processing of this order shall be controlled and retained indefinitely for retrieval upon request. Records may NOT be destroyed without written permission by American Manufacturing.
  8. Supplier is responsible for lost or damaged product.
  9. Product cannot be returned for credit/debit 45 days after receipt.

In addition to the above, the Supplier shall review and communicate American Manufacturing’s customers’ requirements, which can found at: